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MetPsy helps you take back control of your mental health with diet and lifestyle

MetPsy = Metabolic Psychiatry

Affordable coaching for your mental health delivered online worldwide

We empower people to use proven diet and lifestyle techniques to heal themselves.

Whether it's low mood, anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, binge eating, bipolar, or schizophrenia, they have all been helped by diet and lifestyle.

Trusted, clear information

Follow our info pages to remove the usual confusion around diet, lifestyle, and mental health

Connection is protection

Join our knowledgeable, private community forum for accountability and support

Coaching support on your terms

MetPsy is there for you whether you need 1-to-1 coaching, a small group, or the live Q&As on our low cost monthly option

What our clients say

The knowledge of Ally and Rachel, around keto and other topics, makes it really that almost anyone can do it.


Group Client

I have increased my knowledge around the benefits of diet and have incorporated interventions to my daily life to help my mental health. I couldn't have been more inspired by both Ally and Rachel!


Group Client

Go for it, I cant believe the difference it made. It's great to have the forum and subscription but finding freedom from bingeing has been a dream come true and many times where the clouds of depression parted has been so good.


Group Client

Make this investment in your health. Optimising your diet through the latest research will be so valuable.


Group Client

The combo of Ally & Rachel is a powerful one. They've both trained with Georgia Ede, and are very present in this space.


Group Client

Ally and Rachel are knowledgeable, warm and approachable.... A good place to be able to ask questions relating to diet and mental health.


Group Client

Good for finding a tribe of folks who are grappling with their own mental health and how to implement metabolic strategies and getting guidance on different approaches.


Group Client

If you are interested in a metabolic approach to mental illness then join MetPsy.


Group Client

I would actually say this is an exciting and cutting edge therapy. It's something I wish I had known about 30 years ago.


Group Client

Dr. Georgia Ede

Harvard Trained Psychiatrist

"Looking for coaching, education, and support on your metabolic journey to better mental health? Work with Ally and you will be in good hands. I know him personally -- he's a caring, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and skilled practitioner."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people come to MetPsy?
  • Feeling worse mentally than they would like
  • Their doctor, nurse, or therapist suggested they try MetPsy
  • Can’t find support for using ketogenic diet and lifestyle for their mental health
  • Don’t know how to make these changes correctly for them
  • Don’t have anyone to hold them accountable for changing their diet or lifestyle
  • Sick and tired of conflicting information
  • Feeling addicted to food
What does MetPsy provide?
  • World class, simply explained, educational information on using ketogenic diets and lifestyle for mental health
  • Live Q&As with co-founder and metabolic mental health coach Ally Houston, and guest experts, including psychiatrists, other doctors, healthcare professionals, and people with lived experience, where your questions are answered
  • A supportive, private, knowledgable community who have been through the same things you have
  • Videos with experts that can be rewatched in your time on various mental health topics
  • Topics are always described in easy to understand language, and include: why diet works, gut health, gluten & dairy, ketosis vs ketoacidosis, heart disease, macros, fat adaptation, electrolytes, supplements, cholesterol, thyroid, drug interactions, how to get enough fat, dietary modes, fibre, optimal ketosis levels, food addiction, falling off the wagon, carb cycling & cheat days, sleep, light, heat & cold, bone broth, tapering medications, how to read scientific studies
How do people feel after MetPsy?
  • Better mental clarity
  • Improved depression and anxiety
  • Control of their food addiction
  • Deeper understanding of themselves and the science
  • Feeling part of a helpful trusted community
  • Other health problems cleared up like migraine, joint aches and pains, weight loss, and many more!

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MetPsy helps you take back control of your mental health with diet and lifestyle

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